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Massachusetts Bus Tours
Cruisin' down the river (Boston Commons Park) on a Sunday after noon................

Massachusetts has been significant throughout American history. Plymouth was second permanent English settle-
ment in North America. Many towns were founded by colonists from England in 1620s and 1630s. During the 18th
century, Boston became known as "Cradle of Liberty" for agitation there that led to the American Revolution and independence of US from Great Britain. In the late 18th century, Massachusetts was the first U.S. state to abolish
slavery. It was the center of the temperance movement and abolitionist activity before the American Civil War.
While most of the state is rural in nature, Boston is the biggest and one of the most sophisticated of New England

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Tour # M-6 - Boston “Beantown”


Enchantment all its own - sand dunes to Nantucket, train ride to glass blowing, huge mansions of the rich and famous to unusual streets of Provincetown.

Cape Cod at its sunset finest.

* Kennedy Memorial and Korean War Memorial. In beautiful shoreline park
* Cruise of Hyannis Harbor and Lewis Bay. Kennedy summer compound, mansions of famous
* City Tour
* Kennedy Museum.
Life of the Kennedys on Cape Cod.

* Ferry. Bus on ferry crossing bay for fun day on the island, dinner too.
* Train. Hyannis to Provincetown. Extensive ride thru quaint villages, shoreline dunes, ocean vistas.

* Village Tour
* Pilgrim Memorial and Museum
* Pilgrim Monument.
Founded 1892 commemorating Mayflower Pilgrims’ first landing in the New World in
Provincetown 1620, before moving to Plymouth
* Whydah Pirate Museum. Capt. “Black Sam” Bellamy, legendary pirate and crew, tells true story of Whydah,
historic transformation from slave ship to pirate ship to final resting place on ocean floor. One of most advanced
ships of her day, Whydah sank 1717 in storm with bounty from over 50 captured ships.

* Created by JFK 1961, seashore is 43,500 acres of ponds, woods, beach front.

* Lighthouse and Highland House Museum. One of best known landmarks, classic example of turn of century summer hotel. Affords insight into everyday life of past from time of Pamet Native Americans to early days of this century, when electricity and paved roads were unknown. Lighthouse is first in nation to have flashing light.
* Whale Watch

* City Tour. Oldest Cape Cod town, historic village highlights town’s great quintessential examples of American architectural styles from colonial period to early 20th century, showcasing people who lived in the village and the
* Dan’l Webster Inn Lunch.
* Sandwich Glassworks Museum.
History of early glassmaking in area, watch blowers do their magic, and
enjoy an exquisite gallery.
* Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory.


Tour # M-2 - SALEM
Some say it was ingestion of toxic mushrooms that caused the hysteria, others say it was simply witchcraft. No
matter which, history of Salem goes back to 1692 and is steeped in dramatic fact and fiction... totally fascinating.

Awesome reenactment of 1692 on stage in the Witch Museum.

Tour # M-1 - Cape Cod - The Whole Thing
Tour # M-2 - Saga of Salem
Tour # M-3 - Historic Berkshires
Tour # M-4 - Christmas Brite Lites with Dr. Seuss
Tour # M-5 - Sturbridge Village

* Salem City Tour.
Hop aboard trolley for in-depth look at this historic city.
* Salem Witch Museum. Most visited museum in city.
* Dinner. At yacht club on shoreline.
* Witch Dungeon Museum. Former 19th century church.
* House of Seven Gables. Home of Turner-Ingersoll Mansion (built in 1668), inspiration for Nathaniel Hawthorne's
novel, "House of Seven Gables.”
* Ye Olde Pepper Candy Companie. America's Oldest Candy Company. Made fresh since 1806.
* Lobster Bake.
* Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour. Nightly ghost tour, costumed guides lead tours by lantern light.
* Peabody Essex Museum. Founded 1799 as East India Marine Society, an organization of Salem captains who
had sailed beyond either Cape of Good Hope or Cape Horn, bringing diverse collection of objects from northwest
coast of America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, India and elsewhere, depicting trade industry of old and maritime history
of Salem.

NOTE: Add a day for the Hammond Castle, Glouster Lobster Feast, Whale Watch in Gloucester.

Amazing number of historic sites in the Berkshires.


* Norman Rockwell Museum. One of most well-known American illustrators, museum founded 1969, dedicated
to study of Rockwell's contributions to society, popular culture, social commentary with 574 original paintings,

* Mission House. Built 1739 by Rev. John Sergeant to establish mission for 50 Mohicans.
* Naumkeg. Summer estate of Joseph Choate. Gilded-Age style of splendor, renowned for elegant gardens, rare Berkshire “Cottage.”
* Lunch at Red Lion Inn. One of few New England inns still operating since 18th century. Particularly known for
elegant Red Lion Gift Shop and flagship Country Curtains Store. One of a kind.


ABA Top 100 Event in US, Brite Lites considered one of best Christmas Light Displays in East. Great food, great
hotel, great attractions, Champagne Party.

Christmas at Seussland

* Holiday Dinners. Historic Storrowton Village and fantastic Victorian landmark.

* Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory & Gardens. First reaction is one of awe. 3,000+ butterflies of all colors, shapes, sizes, varieties go dancing past. Brilliantly colored koi rise to surface in pond. Year round it is 80o in
tropical like environment.
* Yankee Candle Flagship Store. From scents to Santa, come for the candles and stay for the fun.

* Historic 1660 Deerfield Village. Surrounded by gentle meadows and wooded hills, 300 year old village contains
first American college, private homes, museums, all speaking with quiet eloquence of New England's rural past.
* Richardson Candy Kitchen. Festive chocolates and specialty candies.
* Bright Nights at Dr. Seuss Forest Park. Forest Park becomes stage for fantasy lights during Christmas holiday season for 2.5-mile extravaganza. Over 500,000 lights used to create various unique displays.
* Surprise
* Christmas Shoppe.


Go back to 1700s and you will appreciate what we have today all the more. But it is fun to look back.

Maple syruping, the old way.

* Old Sturbridge Village. Living museum set in rolling hills of beautiful Berkshires, vivid and unforgettable portrait
of life in a country village in late 1700s. Cruise, wagon ride, stagecoach, animals, make own silver piece, talk with townsfolk, stroll into history.

* Luncheon Theatre new show at Old Sturbridge Village
* Russian Icons and Angels Museum. Stained glass windows and original artifacts from chaplains of foreign
diplomatic Moscow corps.
* Dinner. Austrian-German restaurant.
* Candy Camp .


Tour # M-6 - “BEANTOWN”
Boston, nicknamed Beantown because of historic Boston Tea Party, incorporated 1630, one of America's oldest
cities, rich in economic and social history. What began as homesteading community evolved into center for social
and political change. Became economic and cultural hub of New England, and home to many institutions of higher education, some of world's finest inpatient hospitals, numerous cultural and professional sports organizations.
This vibrant, thriving city stands at the forefront of American history, yesterday and today. Freedom Trail comes
alive with this incredible visit.

Quack, quack, here comes the Duck

* Old State House. Declaration of Independence was first read.
* Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Taste and touch a true Boston experience.
* Boston Massacre 1770.
* Literary Landmarks. Hawthorne, Thoreau, Alcott, Longfellow.
* North End. Labyrinth of narrow streets and exotic marketplaces.
* Old North Church 1723. Enduring fame began on evening of April 18, 1775, when church sexton climbed steeple
and held high two lanterns as signal from Paul Revere that the British were marching to Lexington and Concord by
sea and not by land. This fateful event ignited the American Revolution.
* Old Granary Burying Ground 1660. Remains of many Revolutionary heroes - John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine, Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin’s parents, and Mother Goose!
* Paul Revere House. Oldest building in Boston.
* New England Aquarium 1969.  World leader in ocean exploration, marine conservation, 1.3 million visitors a
* Swan Ride in Boston Commons Park.
* “Old Ironsides”. U.S.S. Constitution oldest commissioned ship in U.S. Navy, undefeated in battle, earned nick-
name with legendary ability to repel any shot fired. Active-duty sailors guide visitors around ship.
* Blue Man Group or Boston Pops Concert.
* Harbor Cruise, Whale Watch or Boston Duck
* Dinner. Cheers of TV fame.
* Museum of Science. Enormous, unusual museum of learning by hands-on activity.
* Franklin Park Zoo. Most innovative and intimate indoor gorilla tropical forest exhibit in the world, African lions in Kalahari Kingdom, tigers in Tiger Tales, Masai giraffe, and Grevy’s zebra on Giraffe Savanna


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